Since our founding, we focus on the optimal use of renewable energies. Our design objectives are a high economic efficiency, environmental friendly solutions and fund raising.
In the first step we provide detailed studies which compare the economic feasibility, functionality and ecological impact of different energy supply solutions including “conventional” energy supply strategies. On the bases of the results of our research, the client can make then make his decision, which will be implemented by our MEP engineers in a detailed design.

  • Innovative heat supply systems for residential, office and industrial neighborhoods
  • Design of district heating networks, heating systems, cooling centers
  • Integration of renewable energy sources such as PV, solar thermal, biomass, waste heat
  • Rational use of energy: CHP, heat pumps, geothermal systems
  • Large scale solar collector systems and heat storage (water and ice storage, geothermal earth probes)
  • photovoltaic systems and battery systems
  • CO2-neutral energy supply concepts and energy plus standard

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›› references waste-/groundwater heat pumps
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