Sometimes buildings do not perform as they should. Often comfort is compromised or energy costs are unreasonably high. In some cases the working environment simply does not provide the right conditions for achieving optimum performance.

Therefore we are offering a web based energy and comfort monitoring. The client has always the possibility to login and receive the latest energy and comfort data:

We offer post-occupancy optimization services:

  • Consumption of end-energy for heating and electrical
  • Use energy consumption for heating, domestic hot water, cooling and ventilation
  • Energy generation by renewables such as PV
  • Online monitoring on annual, monthly and daily bases
Effizienshaus Plus Frankfurt-Riedberg, Foto: Constantin Meyer Photographie Effizienzhaus Plus Aktiv-Stadthaus, Frankfurt am Main, Foto: ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING Aktiv-Stadthaus Gropiusplatz 10 EGS-plan STEP – Stuttgart
Wohnhaus Berghalde Wohnhaus Berghalde Concerto II Salzburg, Bild: Andrew Phelps, Concerto II Salzburg Totale Wohnen am Schlossberg Schlossberg Freiburg
Lageplan Terrot-Areal Terrot-Areal Stuttgart Mehrfamilienhäuser Remseck Pattonville Remseck – Pattonville STEP Parkhaus Parkhaus STEP – Stuttgart