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On the way to a sustainable future

Sustainable building design for the benefit of people: that is the guiding principle of EGS-plan. Our building concepts are designed to impact on the environment as little as possible and to conserve resources. EGS-plan is part of the MNF (Manfred Norbert Fisch) Innovation network, which combines university research and engineering in the area of energy and building technology in a unique way. And so our ideas and experiences are not only applied in Germany, but all over the world – and contribute to climate protection.

So far, we have worked on over 1000 projects – an achievement we can be proud of.

Those who want to take a new approach and implement innovations must think with an eye for the future. This requires extensive interdisciplinary expertise to be able to master complex tasks and extraordinary challenges.

We believe that enthusiasm for our work is crucial for success. To work on topics of the future with passion – this was an important factor at the founding of the office more than 15 years ago. This still applies today. After all, increasing energy efficiency and integrating renewable energy sources into holistic city and building design are some of the most promising goals of our time.

We look forward to new challenges and partnering with you.


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